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Brand & Content Manager

RemotePraha 8, Praha, Hlavní město, CzechiaMarketing

Job description

  • You'll secure a complete Brand & Content agenda for Ackee Blockchain.

  • Given the fact that Ackee Blockchain is a new company, you'll have the space to set up and implement your ideas and help us build a strong brand

  • The job includes providing and maintaining all external communications, which means that you will:
    • manage social networks (mainly our Discord server, RIP Facebook),

    • co-create and be responsible for the content of the website,

    • get our blogs to the top of our client's feed,

    • make PR campaigns and communicate with media,

    • be a part of our HR marketing team (prepare hiring materials and career pages) and collaborate with the design team and company management,

    • handle our Clutch profile and make sure our work is seen.

  • Apart from that, we focus on building a strong blockchain community in the Czech Republic. You'll be in charge of communication with the community on Discord and you'll support our online community activities like the School of Solidity.

Job requirements

  • You have been through several companies (or agencies) and have at least one year of brand & content management experience: you have independently taken care of communication channels, created content for blogs (in Wordpress), written copy for web

  • You keep up-to-date with other marketing and PR activities (e.g. creating marketing strategy, applying SEO essentials... ), either thanks to a university degree in the field or previous work experience in marketing or PR

  • You are proactive, you don't wait for something to happen and you want to keep learning and moving forward

  • You are fluent in English (as the content we bring aims for a global audience), but you are ready to communicate in Czech for example with local media

  • You are a crypto enthusiast passionate about blockchain technology

What's in it for you

  • space to set and implement your ideas and help build a strong brand

  • you have a lot of room for your own inventiveness and the responsibility you can bear yourself

  • look behind the curtains of the fast-paced and innovative world of blockchain technologies as well as to be a part of it

  • a chance to collaborate with blockchain experts and pioneers in the field

  • you can draw on a budget to attend conferences and meetups of your choice

  • hybrid friendly environment (GMT+3 to GMT+0 time zone) with the (preferable) possibility to work from the office