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Solana (Rust) Auditor

  • Prague, Praha, Hlavní město, Czechia

Job description

You will review smart contracts, blockchain infrastructure code, and decentralized applications for security vulnerabilities using a combination of manual code review and analysis with our tool suite. 


  • Work directly with the leading blockchain industry teams to review their code and help secure their products

  • Design and implement solutions to difficult engineering and research problems

  • Collaborate with teammates to maintain and continually improve our existing blockchain security tools using modern software engineering practices

  • Produce open source, visit or speak at conferences

Job requirements

  • You are passionate about blockchain technology, crypto-economic protocol design, game theory, and decentralized finance.

  • You have a basic understanding of some common cryptographic vulnerabilities. Ideally, you have experience as a Pen Tester or White Hat hacker.

  • You have professional experience in C/C++ (or other) development, and you'd like to learn Rust development.

  • You care about building high-quality, well-tested code.

  • You are proficient with Git.

  • Ideally in office/hybrid in Prague (CZ), but open to remote (GMT+3 to GMT+0 time zone).